Thursday, February 16, 2006

Goodies in the Mail

It has been an interesting week! The mail has been full of goodies. But I must tell you a story first.

Several years ago my Brother and Sister-in-law sponsored an exchange student from the Czech Republic. One day when they were out driving around she ask what all those boxes on posts were along the side of the road! You know you live with something all of your life and it never occurs to you that it might be strange to someone else. Sometimes these boxes stand alone and sometimes there are grouped four or five in a row... or more. They don't all look alike some are very ornate or funny or unusual and some are plain. Mine is very plain. Can anyone that doesn't have one (a box on a post) guess what it is used for?

I live on a road that bears my family name along with with a cousin, two brothers and a nephew all with the same last name...and three of us have the same first initials. To make matters even more confusing I use to live in the farm house that my brother and sister-in-law live in now (my SIL and I have the same first name and the three of us share the same initials). And their son lives in the house that they use to live in. Needless to say there are days when we have to visit each other to sort out the mail deliveries.

The reason I have shared all of this confusion SIL has received two of my hearts in her mail. She knew that I would be getting the hearts (she is also the Postmistress for our local Post Office) and I have shared the first look at each heart with her.

Now for the mail goodies:

This heart is from Julia you can visit her at Camille's Place. She is very graciously helping me learn silk ribbon embroidery.

Karen sent this lovely heart and you can visit with her at Karen South's Crazy Quilting World.

One of my online orders come this week too. Lovely silk ribbon and silk floss from Hand Dyed Fibers.


Dawn said...

I really love your hearts!!! What area of Ohio are you located?

Ribbonwiz said...

lovely choice of ribbons and threads.
Just as well your SIL is the post mistress as I forgot to include the house # with the heart..

Iris said...

Dawn I live close to the Ohio river about an hour drive east of Cincinnati.

Julia the ribbon and matching thread is Autumn leaves. The other thread is Dragons tears.