Sunday, February 26, 2006

New Projects

First things first....I want to thank my dear friends that commented on my last post. Your kind words and encouragement have cheered me tremendously. This past week has been one where if something could go wrong it did. Even little things that shouldn't have been a problem were....two light bulbs blew and I had trouble getting the old bulbs out of the sockets. It took two days before I finaly got the stair light replaced...I thought I would have to call my brother to get the bulb out of the socket! I know that sounds dumb but it shows just how aggravating my week was. I'm not getting along with yahoo this week either...pages won't load, the email is slow and I think the emails that I have tried to send have gotten lost in cyber space.

Anyone that does any kind of crafting knows that it always leads to learning new techniques and new crafts. That's what I've been attempting to do lately. I wanted to share my attempts but...for some reason blogger will not let me upload pictures today. Is any one else having trouble?

Yesterday I went shopping...yes again...for silk ribbon and I wanted to get some tatting needles and thread. I want to four stores...only one store had needles but they had sold the last package on Monday...more of my bad luck this week. When I got home I ordered needles online. But while I'm waiting I bought doll needles and dulled the point. Laugh all you want but it works well enough for me to learn the stitches. It took several tries and reading several tutorials to get started tatting. I would show you how I did but alas blogger won't let me. Its a medallion shape...not sure I reversed like it said to but it lays only problem is I can't figure out how to do the last chains to finish it. I did manage to get a picture loaded onto my flicker site, click on the flicker link to see the tatting.

There is also a picture of silk ribbon topiary tree pattern that I'm working on too, on the flicker site. Julia over at Camille's Place sent me the pattern and is helping me learn silk ribbon embroidery. There are a few mistakes...the spider roses are to small and the lazy daisy flowers are to big. I still have some flower buds around the pot to do yet. It's my first SRE project so I'm not total bummed about my mistakes. I'll just do another one and get it right.


Ribbonwiz said...

I am so proud of you!, you did a fantastic job of the topiary tree.
All it needs now is a bow on the tree trunk to finish it off.
You did it your way, and that's what i tell my ladies to do, that's what makes it uniquely yours.
Chloe is the one who could help you with the tatting here,

abeautifulcraft said...

This is BEAUTIFUL ...... you should be SO proud of yourself, well done Iris!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this is your first piece, imagine what you will be producing in a month or so. I will send you some hand dyed ribbon ... as soon as my next lot of silk ribbon arrives from USA......
Your tatting is wonderful, I'm envious! LOL I still can't tatt!

Iris said...

Thank you, my problem is that I strive for perfection. Perfection is a very hard task master for me and I seldom feel that I've done as well as I should have. As any child should...I blame it on my was very good at everything she did.