Thursday, July 13, 2006

Yes I'm still here

Life has gotten in the way of play lately....but I did want to share some pics. We are having rain here in the valley and things are growing like crazy. My garden is doing great! I've picked cucumbers and a zucchini, the tomatoes are loaded but none have turned yet. The pumpkin patch is taking over...they are the little pie pumpkins. I love to freeze my own pumpkin for pies and a dear friend does too but she doesn't have a garden yet so I'm hoping she takes some of these of my hands.

I put hay in between the rows to keep the weeds down and to conserve moisture. It works great I seldom need to water even when it hasn't rained for a couple of weeks.

This sunflower came up in a very small flower box on the back porch. It must have come from the bird feeder...not sure how it got there but it's done very well. I set the box next to the porch post for support...the flower is very tall and rather top heavy for the box it's in.

I love hydrangeas....I have two and this one is blooming like crazy. The flower heads are huge!


MMP said...

I am looking forward to some of those pumpkins. They sure will taste good this winter. The sunflower is beautiful.

Sara said...

Beautiful sunflower and hydrangeas. When we lived in TN we had beautiful tall sunflowers...tons of them...we haven't seen any sprout of the ones we planted from seeds this year. Maybe the seeds were too old...or something...but, I did buy a few sunflower plants and they are doing well.

Bhavani said...

I wish I had space like that for a garden. I have to make do with our balcony and no place to shift the pots when the seasons change. Lovely flower. I enjoy your garden just as much as your stitching

Cat said...

The sunflower is picture perfect!
Love your garden area too, looks like happy plants!

One Crabapple said...

my goodness the rain and weather really is making things grow beautifully there , I can see that !

This sunflower is so pretty !

To hear of pumpkin pies growing in the garden gives me inspiration to look forward to fall !

I make a mean Pumpkin Pie here too !

YOur garden sounds wonderful and I almost felt I was there ! hope to see more and especially your pies when it is time !!
Love, S.