Sunday, February 26, 2006

New Projects

First things first....I want to thank my dear friends that commented on my last post. Your kind words and encouragement have cheered me tremendously. This past week has been one where if something could go wrong it did. Even little things that shouldn't have been a problem were....two light bulbs blew and I had trouble getting the old bulbs out of the sockets. It took two days before I finaly got the stair light replaced...I thought I would have to call my brother to get the bulb out of the socket! I know that sounds dumb but it shows just how aggravating my week was. I'm not getting along with yahoo this week either...pages won't load, the email is slow and I think the emails that I have tried to send have gotten lost in cyber space.

Anyone that does any kind of crafting knows that it always leads to learning new techniques and new crafts. That's what I've been attempting to do lately. I wanted to share my attempts but...for some reason blogger will not let me upload pictures today. Is any one else having trouble?

Yesterday I went shopping...yes again...for silk ribbon and I wanted to get some tatting needles and thread. I want to four stores...only one store had needles but they had sold the last package on Monday...more of my bad luck this week. When I got home I ordered needles online. But while I'm waiting I bought doll needles and dulled the point. Laugh all you want but it works well enough for me to learn the stitches. It took several tries and reading several tutorials to get started tatting. I would show you how I did but alas blogger won't let me. Its a medallion shape...not sure I reversed like it said to but it lays only problem is I can't figure out how to do the last chains to finish it. I did manage to get a picture loaded onto my flicker site, click on the flicker link to see the tatting.

There is also a picture of silk ribbon topiary tree pattern that I'm working on too, on the flicker site. Julia over at Camille's Place sent me the pattern and is helping me learn silk ribbon embroidery. There are a few mistakes...the spider roses are to small and the lazy daisy flowers are to big. I still have some flower buds around the pot to do yet. It's my first SRE project so I'm not total bummed about my mistakes. I'll just do another one and get it right.

Friday, February 24, 2006

New Hearts

This week has been full of highs and lows...well maybe more lows than highs. It doesn't do for me to work on my stitching projects when I'm upset... never satisfied with my work and pick it all out again. I did finish a heart last night and two earlier in the week.

It's obvious that I don't have a certain style or color preference. Maybe I should and maybe it will come with time. The heart with the peacock is vibrant to say the least...but I like it. Each one has a dragonfly... seems most of the ladies in the COH group like do I.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Old Man Winter

Maybe spring is on it's way at least the birds and flowers seem to think so. The daffodils on the south side of the house are up and I noticed one bud...just hope it doesn't get nipped. I planted them along with tulips last fall and they are my very first bulbs here at the cabin. Yesterday there were over 20 robins in the yard...always a sign of the evening five deer were in the back yard.

We had snow over the weekend and the bird feeders were busy. I'm not sure the birds even knew the feeders were there until it snowed. This is a picture from my back porch which faces the east... a very nice place to have a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise in warm weather.

Old Crazy Quilt Blocks

Mary of Frequently Wrong but Never in Doubt is working on CQ blocks and is looking for ways to set the pieces together. I have several old crazy quilts some are tops and I have one set of blocks that aren't sewn together...and promised to share pictures of them.

I'm not sure but I think this set of blocks came from my maternal grandmother (part of my mom's inheritance and now mine too).

This is a crazy quilt top that is made from flower sack material. After I looked at it closely I would guess that no one wanted a dress made out of any of these prints.

This one is a silk and satin tie cq top. It does have some filler material too. There are some very... and I do mean very... ugly ties in this quilt.

This is the back of the silk tie cq it was sewn in 15 x 20 inch panels.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Jo's heart

Jo's heart arrived in the mail yesterday all the way from New Zealand.

The Ohio valley is having it's usual strange winter weather. For the last three weekends we have had snow. It is snowing this morning too. But the weekdays have been very mild. Wednesday and Thursday the temperature was in the mid 60's and on Thursday night the wind blew vary hard all night. Friday I noticed that the grapevine friendship tree on my front porch is lying down and a flowerbox is out in the yard. I had the tree tied to the house with wire so the wind was strong enough to brake it and topple the tree and the concrete block that it set on. The flowerbox had hens and chicks in it so they must be scattered across the yard. I hope we have nice weather this next week so that I can fix what the wind damaged.

There is a good breeze most of the time here at the cabin except in August when I could really use it. I wish I had a wind generator then I wouldn't have an electric bill to pay. Maybe I'll get one installed this summer.

Since it is cold and snowing I think it will be a good day for sewing and embroidery. I'll put the teakettle on and get started would anyone like to join me?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Goodies in the Mail

It has been an interesting week! The mail has been full of goodies. But I must tell you a story first.

Several years ago my Brother and Sister-in-law sponsored an exchange student from the Czech Republic. One day when they were out driving around she ask what all those boxes on posts were along the side of the road! You know you live with something all of your life and it never occurs to you that it might be strange to someone else. Sometimes these boxes stand alone and sometimes there are grouped four or five in a row... or more. They don't all look alike some are very ornate or funny or unusual and some are plain. Mine is very plain. Can anyone that doesn't have one (a box on a post) guess what it is used for?

I live on a road that bears my family name along with with a cousin, two brothers and a nephew all with the same last name...and three of us have the same first initials. To make matters even more confusing I use to live in the farm house that my brother and sister-in-law live in now (my SIL and I have the same first name and the three of us share the same initials). And their son lives in the house that they use to live in. Needless to say there are days when we have to visit each other to sort out the mail deliveries.

The reason I have shared all of this confusion SIL has received two of my hearts in her mail. She knew that I would be getting the hearts (she is also the Postmistress for our local Post Office) and I have shared the first look at each heart with her.

Now for the mail goodies:

This heart is from Julia you can visit her at Camille's Place. She is very graciously helping me learn silk ribbon embroidery.

Karen sent this lovely heart and you can visit with her at Karen South's Crazy Quilting World.

One of my online orders come this week too. Lovely silk ribbon and silk floss from Hand Dyed Fibers.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sandie's Heart Arrived

My first swapped heart arrived in the mail! It's from Sandie in South Australia. It's lovely and so much to look at! I see something new each time I look.

Now that my mail-person is bringing me more than bills ....I've been watching for his car to stop at my box. I'm expecting more hearts and some packages from my online shopping sprees. I'll share my goodies from the shopping sprees when they arrive.

It's snowing here this morning...but doesn't seem to be accumulating. We have had such warm weather for January and February that my daffodils are peeking out of the ground ... not good news. Luckily the tulips haven't started showing themselves yet!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Sisters

My mother always teased me that I needle the thread instead of threading the needle. For a right handed person I do a lot of things left handed. It's just easier for me to hold the thread steady in my left hand and slide the needle onto the thread with my right.

On this heart I used a Chinese knot something new for me. It's used at the ends of the feather stitch along the top and as the flowers on the left. All of the other knots are French knots. Some of my designs and most of my inspiration for The Sisters came from The Big Book of Crazy Quilt Stitches by Patricia Eaton and Floral Stitches by Judith Baker Montano.

Yesterday was one of those days. I just couldn't get anything done. I picked up The Sisters to do a little embroidery but I would just look at it and put it back down; no inspiration. I finished the heart this morning. I also started a crazy quilt block but stopped once I got the material cut out. Again no inspiration. I'll try again later.

Pistol Anne has found a home with Jo and Desert Sands is on it's way to Karen!

Another note: Jesse seems to be totally recovered from the bruised paw.

Monday, February 06, 2006

More Hearts

This is Pistol Anne, I liked the diamond shapes on her skirt and added the ones on the right.
Desert Sands is a little different, but when I saw the print I new I wanted to try to make a heart with it. We will see if anyone in the COH swap group is interested in it; if not then I won't have to make a second one for me.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Beth - COH # 3

This heart is for Julia. I'm looking forward to getting the heart she made for me; Julia does the loveliest silk ribbon embroidery.

Redwork Flowers

Lily of the Valley

Don't know what happened; I posted these redwork flowers Saturday and today everything I posted is missing. Now I'll make a copy of each post for a back up.

It was a busy week, my niece delivered a baby boy Tuesday. Shayne is very cute with lots of black hair. I'm a Great Aunt nine times (five boys and four girls). Now don't guess by age by that my brothers are much older then me.

Yesterday I spent the day in my sewing room/computer room loft sewing hearts for the Chain of Hearts swap group. They will show themselves as I finish the embellishments.

Jesse is much better he actually walked down the stairs this morning without any assistance.

Well I'm off to emblellish hearts.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

My Little Chickadee

This little heart gave me trouble. I just couldn't decide what I wanted on the blue above the chickadee. I tried three or four stitches and picked them all out. Then I used the woven running stitch with two colors of floss and was finally pleased enough to leave it in place.

I have swapped the Rose Mauve heart with Sandie. How exciting to get a beautifully stitched heart in the mail... much better than bills.

The Jesse saga continues...he tripped on the stairs this morning and slid down the last four steps on his belly. It scared him... so he got lots of love and hugs until he recovered. He kept looking back at the stairs like they had tripped him on purpose. Jesse hasn't even attempted to come upstairs today. My poor baby.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nutty for Hearts

I think I've gone nutty for these hearts. The chickadee is from beautiful fabric just covered with all kinds of birds. Scanning doesn't show how pretty it is and I can't do digital images right now so scanning will have to do.

Rose Mauve

There seemed to be a bald spot on this heart so I added a bead flower. You can't see it put I signed it too. Just a small "I" among the roses. Rose Mauve (the heart's name, title) is up for trade with the Chains of Hearts swap group.