Saturday, February 18, 2006

Jo's heart

Jo's heart arrived in the mail yesterday all the way from New Zealand.

The Ohio valley is having it's usual strange winter weather. For the last three weekends we have had snow. It is snowing this morning too. But the weekdays have been very mild. Wednesday and Thursday the temperature was in the mid 60's and on Thursday night the wind blew vary hard all night. Friday I noticed that the grapevine friendship tree on my front porch is lying down and a flowerbox is out in the yard. I had the tree tied to the house with wire so the wind was strong enough to brake it and topple the tree and the concrete block that it set on. The flowerbox had hens and chicks in it so they must be scattered across the yard. I hope we have nice weather this next week so that I can fix what the wind damaged.

There is a good breeze most of the time here at the cabin except in August when I could really use it. I wish I had a wind generator then I wouldn't have an electric bill to pay. Maybe I'll get one installed this summer.

Since it is cold and snowing I think it will be a good day for sewing and embroidery. I'll put the teakettle on and get started would anyone like to join me?


Dawn said...

It is very cold and snowy here as well. Tea and embroidery sound like a good combination to me!! Sure!!!

abeautifulcraft said...

I'd love to come and have a cuppa tea and embroider! Shame I can't email myself through.... lol wouldn't that be so much fun! I sent your parcel today Iris ..... hope it don't take too long to get to you...

Iris said...

Sandie, I have your parcel ready to send but can't post till tuesday. Post Office is closed monday...Holiday!

Wouldn't it be fun to travel instantaneous like that. Then we really could have tea and embroidery together! Of course you'll come too Dawn!