Sunday, February 05, 2006

Redwork Flowers

Lily of the Valley

Don't know what happened; I posted these redwork flowers Saturday and today everything I posted is missing. Now I'll make a copy of each post for a back up.

It was a busy week, my niece delivered a baby boy Tuesday. Shayne is very cute with lots of black hair. I'm a Great Aunt nine times (five boys and four girls). Now don't guess by age by that my brothers are much older then me.

Yesterday I spent the day in my sewing room/computer room loft sewing hearts for the Chain of Hearts swap group. They will show themselves as I finish the embellishments.

Jesse is much better he actually walked down the stairs this morning without any assistance.

Well I'm off to emblellish hearts.


Jo in NZ said...

I find I have to click the 'refresh' button..OFTEN. At one point I was getting comments on posts that weren't showing up on my blog (for me), so I knew someone could see them! If you do this, they should show up for you.
Hoping for a heart soon. Knew I should of claimed your chickadee one early.

Iris said...

Hi Jo, I'm working on several hearts one has a Cardinal..very bright (red and blue). If you like the chickadee I could make one just for you.