Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Sisters

My mother always teased me that I needle the thread instead of threading the needle. For a right handed person I do a lot of things left handed. It's just easier for me to hold the thread steady in my left hand and slide the needle onto the thread with my right.

On this heart I used a Chinese knot something new for me. It's used at the ends of the feather stitch along the top and as the flowers on the left. All of the other knots are French knots. Some of my designs and most of my inspiration for The Sisters came from The Big Book of Crazy Quilt Stitches by Patricia Eaton and Floral Stitches by Judith Baker Montano.

Yesterday was one of those days. I just couldn't get anything done. I picked up The Sisters to do a little embroidery but I would just look at it and put it back down; no inspiration. I finished the heart this morning. I also started a crazy quilt block but stopped once I got the material cut out. Again no inspiration. I'll try again later.

Pistol Anne has found a home with Jo and Desert Sands is on it's way to Karen!

Another note: Jesse seems to be totally recovered from the bruised paw.


Ribbonwiz said...

love the sisters block.
so glad to see Jesse is back to his old self.
isn't it awful when you get a creative block!

Iris said...

Thank you Julia. And yes, I'm still blocked. There are two hearts to embroider and I can't decide what to do with them.

MargaretR said...

Needling the thread struck a cord with me. My mother always told me off for doing it the wrong way! I was told by someone recently though that was the correct way to do it!
I love your blocks Iris.

Iris said...

Thank you margaretr, and I'm glad to know needling the thread is not as wrong as mom thought!