Monday, December 24, 2007

Cross Bookmark

Cross Bookmark
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I've been tatting this cross bookmark pattern for Christmas presents this year. The first one I made I gave to a friend then she commissioned me to make several for her...then our Director at work commissioned me to make one for her too.

Sew Buds block

Margaret P's block
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This is Margaret P's block. The colors are beautiful on this block. I did the stitching on the far left and the tatting next to it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sue Trautman block

Sue Trautman block
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This is Sue Troutman's block. I did the tatting in the upper left, the seam right below it and the seam to the right of the little girl print. I love the fabric in this block it is wonderful to stitch on.

This round robin is sooo much fun! So much fun in fact that we are keeping it going by sending more blocks around as we have time to work on them.

Susan Nixon's block

Susan Nixon block
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This is a round robin project and the block belongs to Susan Nixon. I did the feather stitch and curved fan seams at the top of the block. It was quite the challenge Susan didn't want any pink embellishments on the block.

Sorry the buttons are distorting the photo...

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I've been doing some tatting...thought I would share it.

Tatted Bookmark

I did this bookmark for a friend that is having knee replacement.

Tatted Motif

This one is for a round robin block I'm working on.I'll add a photo of the block when I get my part finished.

Purple tatted edging

This is just a fun piece of edging I worked on one day...I love the way the variegated colors worked out.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!
I've finished two more redwork flowers.

Redwork Sunflower

Redwork Ladies Slipper

The first one is a sunflower and the second is a ladies slipper. One of these days when I have them all done I hope to make a wall hanging.

Friday, April 06, 2007

I'm Back!!!

Yes, I know how long I've been "missing in action". But I have pictures...does that make up for being gone for so long?

Several friends and I are working on a round robin. It's my first one and this is what I did on the first block I received.

This is Jane's block by the way; hope you like what I've done.

Round Robin block

The colors in this block are wonderful; I have some green silk stranded floss that I knew would be great with this patch. The silk floss is from Hand Dyed Fibers . Victoria has some really great assortment packs that I love.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Recent work

It's snowing in Eagle Valley this morning. When I got up at 5:30 this morning there wasn't a snow flake in site but by 7:00 we had close to a half inch! It's 8:00 now and still putting it down out there.

The snow makes it a perfect day to stay inside and embroider! Before I get started I wanted to share some of my own work to show you I really have been stitching.

I found a piece of redwork still in the hoop last weekend so I finished it this week. There are a stack of these redwork flowers that I've been working on for the last year. Would they qualify for Sandie's UFO and WISP challenge? I sort of have a plan for a wall hanging but it hasn't really been designed yet. Guess I'm waiting until I have them finish for that.

Redwork is great fun for me...I know...I know some would say it's boring but I love the challenge of keeping the stitches even. I'm afraid I didn't do a very good job with this hibiscus flower but it's the one I found in the hoop and I just couldn't match the stitching that was already there.

Redwork Hibiscus

This Daisy I did yesterday...the whole flower... so the stitches are far more even. I wouldn't go to bed until it was done.

Redwork Daisy

This heart was finished yesterday morning. I have a stack of hearts sewn up and waiting for embellishment but I slow at working on them. Sharon B's TAST helped me out with this heart I did the herringbone on the left side, the buttonhole stitch on the right side, blanket stitch along the bottom and detached chain stitches several places.

Gold Butterfly Heart

Well I'm off to fix another cup of coffee and get started on some stitching. I hope you all are having a wonderful day and Happy Stitching!!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sisters Block

Sisters Block
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This is my first block for a round robin. There is only two pieces of material that are from my own stash all the rest are from swaps. The sisters print I have used before on a heart and I thought it was perfect for this block too. I've never been in a rr before so I'm really looking forward to it and I'm excited to see with the other ladies will stitch on this block.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Birthday Swap Stash

I belong to the CQfor Newbies yahoo group a wonderful group of ladies that are all just getting hooked on CQ. There are always interesting swaps and fun contests going on. One of the swaps that I joined is the Birthday Swap. There are 12 of us in a group and each month one person receives a squishie from the other 11. Rebecca is our swap hostess and does a great job keeping the swap going. November was my month to receive as you can imagine it takes some time to get the squishes and send them out again. My box came right before Christmas.

I want to share with you some pictures of the fabulous squishes that I received. There are a few more on my flicker site; just click on one of the pictures and it will take you to my flicker site. Our group consists of Laura, Wilma from The Netherlands, Gerry from Texas, Mary from Louisiana, Ati from Norway, Elizabet from the UK, Brenda from Arizona, Bethany (Tink), Renea from Washington state and Judyth from Kansas. Thank you so much ladies your generosity is overwhelming.

More Birthday Stash

Even more Stash

And even more Stash

A New Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. December was a good month all around. My job is is great and I'm very happy with it. We had a new addition to our family in December; my nephew and his wife have another beautiful little girl....Isabelle Madison. We are also expecting another addition later this year.

I traded several hearts and I want to show you the ones I've gotten in return. The first one is from Beverly Ann. She does lovely work and the piece of doily really makes this extra special.

From Beverly in Kentucky

Ati from Norway sent me this one. I love the cotton prints she works with and this little bird is so cute! Please visit Ati's blog and see all of the wonderful things she does.

From Ati in Norway

This heart is from Margreet in Holland. I guess you can tell I like Margreet's work is amazing...I invite you to visit her blog too. She has some stunning quilts on her blog.

From Margreet in Holland