Friday, April 06, 2007

I'm Back!!!

Yes, I know how long I've been "missing in action". But I have pictures...does that make up for being gone for so long?

Several friends and I are working on a round robin. It's my first one and this is what I did on the first block I received.

This is Jane's block by the way; hope you like what I've done.

Round Robin block

The colors in this block are wonderful; I have some green silk stranded floss that I knew would be great with this patch. The silk floss is from Hand Dyed Fibers . Victoria has some really great assortment packs that I love.


Jo in NZ said...

Great to see your beautiful stitching again Susan!!

Charlene said...

Hey! Good to see you again. Such a lovely block, with beautiful stitching!! I was working on that edging pattern just last night! I will say Thanks again for helping me almost a year ago with needle tatting! Have you moved on to the shuttle?

Suecqs said...

Great Job Susan!!! Your stitching is so perfect. This looks like a fun block to work on. I look forward to seeing it up close.

Sara said...

Am I glad to see you back! Your stitching is just beautiful.

Iris said...

Charlene good hear from you! You are very welcome and no I haven't moved on to the shuttle. I just don't have the patience for it; I have given it a good try but not pleased with the results.

Hi Sue, I'm sure you will love working on this block the colors are wonderful.