Thursday, February 02, 2006

My Little Chickadee

This little heart gave me trouble. I just couldn't decide what I wanted on the blue above the chickadee. I tried three or four stitches and picked them all out. Then I used the woven running stitch with two colors of floss and was finally pleased enough to leave it in place.

I have swapped the Rose Mauve heart with Sandie. How exciting to get a beautifully stitched heart in the mail... much better than bills.

The Jesse saga continues...he tripped on the stairs this morning and slid down the last four steps on his belly. It scared him... so he got lots of love and hugs until he recovered. He kept looking back at the stairs like they had tripped him on purpose. Jesse hasn't even attempted to come upstairs today. My poor baby.

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abeautifulcraft said...

This is a beautiful heart Iris, I love birds! Hope Jesse is on the mend now and feeling better.