Friday, August 25, 2006

The Sail Boat Heart

Sail Boat Heart

I really like this sail boat image and wanted to try it on a heart. I guess I didn't have a plan for the stitching so it has a little of this and a little of that. The interlocking circles motif and the motif on the right are from Carole Samples "Treasure of Crazy Quilt Stitches".

Now that I can actually do Fargo roses I added them at the bottom along with ribbon stitch and lazy daisy stitch leaves. The spiderweb rose at the top is very eclectic...I like changing things up a bit. It's done with olive green and orange 7mm ribbon that I dyed myself. The two-ribbon technique I learned from
Bear...she's planning on doing a tutorial soon so please watch for it.

The bead trails on either side of the spiderweb rose are my very first attempt at them. It was fun to pick the beads then decide which should lay against each other. I can see myself doing a lot more bead trails now.

The little anchor at the bottom is done in satin stitch. It wasn't easy to get the details to show, I would have liked to make it bigger but I didn't want it to over power.

Here is a larger view if anyone cares to see the details.

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Debbie R. said...

Your under-the-sea-heart and this one are lovely. I recognized those motifs from Miss Carole's book. So glad I found your blog and I've bookmarked it. :-)