Sunday, January 29, 2006

Crazy Patch Heart

Larger version

I laid the red heart aside until I got some ideas on how to embellish it. I found some purple material in my stash and stitched this heart. There is still more to do and I wish I had made the butterfly bigger but I like it so far. I need to practice doing the feather stitch; I took it out three times before I was satisfied with it. The scanner doesn't do it justice it changes the material to much.

Ribbonwiz and Chloe gave me some great ideas for the red heart. Thank you both. I don't have much lace to work with; I'll have to check some of my other craft boxes. I'll play with it a while and see what happens.


Chloe said...

Very nice. :) And the stitches show up well on the solid fabrics, which might be why you were feeling a little blocked with the red Heart (which was another reason for my suggesting a solid lace for that).

Very nice, and very neat. :)

Ribbonwiz said...

Yes, very nice Iris,
Stitches are lovely and even and neat, colours are great too.
keep going, I'm sure you will get addicted to making them.
When you join the group, there is a file with the size heart to print out for the swaps.
Go to great tips and stuff there for beginners to CQ.