Friday, January 27, 2006

Redwork Iris

Yes, this is the same pattern as the tiny iris. The pattern is saved on the computer and I insert it into a word document where it can be made any size needed. Doing it that way comes in very handy.

The stands are done with a variegated floss. I like the effect but the color changes to quickly. In my floss stash there is some older J & P Coats embroidery floss where the variegation is much better, but there were no reds in the stash.

This is another project I've been working on...

This is part of my inheritance. I have my mother's embroidery floss and her transfer patterns. Back in the days when beds, sheets and pillow slips only came in standard size my mother always embroidered pillow slips for wedding presents. I remember going to white sales at Montgomery Ward (department store, out of business now I think) where Mom stocked up on pillow slips and sheet sets. I found this pattern among her Aunt Martha's transfers, she paid 60 cents for it at Ben Franklin's (a 5 and 10 cent store). The pillow slips are from Mom's stash too.

Larger version


Gina E. said...

Oh Iris, this is wonderful! Most of my collection of linen is from younger women who are selling off their mother's and grandmother's hand stitched (as well as unworked) linen and cotton household items. I can't understand how they can get rid of their family heritage...they just don't seem to understand or care what they are discarding. I am so pleased you treasure yours, and look forward to seeing more.

Iris said...

I know what you mean gina, we couldn't sell anything so we (5 children) divided everything. Mom gave away most of her work as presents so I only have a few pieces.