Saturday, May 06, 2006

Open House

The last couple of weeks have been very busy for me. So I'll catch up on the main thing that has had me so busy. Some of my readers know that I live in log cabin. My brother (who sells the log kits) uses it as a model home and we have an open house once or twice a year. Today was our open I've been busy getting ready for it by getting rid of some things that I didn't need any longer and packing away things that were setting around. Plus I've been doing and more cleaning plus the yard work. While the house was clean and tidy I thought I would share some pictures.

This is the south side of the cabin...that is a rock walk to the porch. The next pic is the kitchen and dining area. You should be able to see larger pictures by clicking on them.

This is the living room and the stairs lead to the master bedroom on the left and loft on the right. The house if very open only three rooms have doors (both bathrooms and the downstairs bedroom).

This is the guest bathroom (downstairs) I had seen these old washstands and dressers used in Log Home magazine and was lucky enough to have one to put in my bathroom.


Calidore said...

Okay I have to admit I have fallen in love with your house. Aren't you lucky to live in such a lovely home and in such a pretty area. Do you live on some acreage or just in town? It looks like you have plenty of room around you.

Dawn said...

Love your reminds me of my friend's log cozy!

Ribbonwiz said...

I love your beautiful home, and I could live there very happily.

abeautifulcraft said...

Beautiful home, love it all ..... it's so nice to see inside others peoples home, especially ones you know well. I look forwards to the day I can come visit for a cuppa tea .. and we'll chat and you can teach me tatting! hugggggssss

Bhavani said...

You've got a lovely home Iris. Do you have a separate Hobby Corner?