Saturday, April 29, 2006

Grant Days continued

This area of Ohio has a lot of history most of it in some way connected with the civil war. The Rankin House, written about in "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and part of the underground railroad, is in Brown county too. As a matter of fact there are many homes in the area that were used as safe houses for the underground railroad...including my Aunt and Uncle's.

If you would like to know more the Internet is packed with info on the civil war, Grant and Morgan's raid. I did find a few sites that might be of interest:

Ulysses. S Grant

American Presidency

John H. Morgan


Dawn said...

I've been to Rankin House many times...

Bhavani said...

Your daffodils look great.
Some things look great in photos and some don't. I found that pictures of needlework directly scanned highlight even small mistakes. Looking for ways to improve leads to greater skills and all these needlework blogs help a lot.
I bought some ribbons recently to try out this style. I try it out after I complete my Kutchwork and kasuti tutorials.
Good health and cheer to you and your family.

Jo in NZ said...

You've been quiet lately.
Everything OK?