Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sewing corner

Sewing corner
Originally uploaded by Iris Susan.
This is my little sewing corner. I changed it around recently hoping to tidy up the area just not sure it helped. My fabric is in the plastic tubs and the drawer set is new...thinking of getting more of them so that it's easier to get to my fabric and see what I have. My sewing machine is a White and it has a few embroidery stitches that I forget to use. Someday I hope to have better storage, a big cutting surface and a nicer table for my sewing machine...but what I have is fine for now.

Yesterday I revisited a semi-local yarn shop (it's really so much more). The first time I was there I mentioned that I tatted and the owners invited me back and to bring my tatting. Their weaving guild meets at the shop on Tuesdays and they wanted me to come and show my tatting to the guild members. I spent a very nice day with the ladies. When I walked through the door they ask me what I do when I said tatting there were lots of oh's and ah's and I proceded to show them some of my motifs and books. Then they wanted to see how needle tatting is done so I showed them how to do rings, chains, picots and joins. After lunch at a local coffee house I watch as three of the weavers set up their looms and another lady was spinning yarn. The yarn spinning was very interesting; she was using a wonderfully soft white lambs wool to make the yarn. All and all a very nice day and I learned some things too.


Sara said...

Your sewing corner seems so nice - and looks like a space that is totally yours to create...may you have wonderful times creating there.

abeautifulcraft said...

Your sewing room has a lot of charm Iris ... very cosy and homely too. Would have been a nice day with the ladies each showing the others what they do. It is so nice to share idea's and ways ...... and what better than with friends. Am sitting here pigging out on Easter eggs ... yummo! My waist doesn't agree though!