Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fun Threads

Rosemary sent these fun and fancy threads along with the heart. I'll have lots of fun using them.

I'm stitching on a gold heart now but I'm taking my time and working at it a little differently than I normally do.

I have had so many nice complements on my tatting which has evolved into two swaps. So now I have even more tatting to do. The swaps push me to build my skills and I get lots of practice...which is a very good thing.

It's time for coffee anyone want to join me?

1 comment:

abeautifulcraft said...

I'm trying to get over for coffee, my rear won't fit through email, and lotto keeps spitting out the wrong numbers! hehehe
Your threads look fun, these are great to use in under sea blocks, or land scapes .. I love using them. Rosemary's heart is so sweet as always. Sorry to hear about your tulips, those deer must think them a right treat ... hugs 'me'