Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Purple butterfly

Purple butterfly
Originally uploaded by Iris Susan.
Look!!! I did it...I figured out how to finish this butterfly! It was driving me nuts! Then I was working on another piece that had the same problem...ended up slipping the work off the needle...stuck the needle through the picot and finished the work on the other side of the picot. So easy, then I knew that I could do the same thing with this butterfly. It will be one of my favorite patterns now that I know it's secret.


Gina E. said...

Your tatting skill is perfection! All the little items you have posted here are just gorgeous. I have just won a pair of pillowcases from the USA, which have tatting edges, and one of them is frayed rather badly. Don't suppose I could post it to you to be fixed? Just kidding! I know somebody closer to home who will do it if I ask nicely :-)

abeautifulcraft said...

Your butterfly is gorgeous!!! I need to find more time to perfect *cough cough* my tatting, but I will get there!!!!