Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Originally uploaded by Iris Susan.
I swapped one of my Dragonfly hearts for this lovely one from Rosemary. The butterfly is beautiful and there is a little mirror inside that circle of stitching.

I have some sad news, you may remember my post about the deer nibbling the tops out of my tulips...well they finished them off buds and all. At least around the two trees closest to the road. The trees must be right in the deer path across the yard. I did find one that they didn't get..it was on the side away from the road..so I put a tomato cage around. The tulips around the tree closest to the house were spared..but I'm taking no chances and I put a chicken wire fence around them until the tulips bloom. Looks like I'll have to move the tulips closer to the house and put something deer proof around the trees. Which upsets me to no end...the tulips would have been so pretty there. I'll post a picture of the survivors when they bloom.

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