Friday, April 14, 2006

Gold Heart

Gold Heart
Originally uploaded by Iris Susan.
This heart has been in the works for more than two weeks now...and it's done!!! I wasn't able to take Sharon B's class but I did try to learn a few things from the ladies that did. Like planning the stitches...I made a color copy of the heart and drew what I wanted to do. I played with using Press and Seal too. It worked fine after I put a second layer over my ink marks so that the ink didn't come off on my thread.

I always try out books from the library to decide it I want to buy them. Last week I found Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches by Carole Samples. It's amazingly chock full of stitch combinations (along other stitch designs)...many are from antique crazy quilts. I always have trouble coming up with combinations on my own so this book is a gold mine for me. Several of the combinations on this heart came from Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches.


Chloe said...

It is so good to hear tou learned by watching those of us in the class. Now,everyone is welcome to join us at



Ribbonwiz said...

The heart is lovely Iris.
It's nice to learn new sticthes and break away from what one does every time..

Maddie Can Fly said...

Iris, I just ordered the Treasury book. I heard from Carole herself on one of my other groups that it's going to go out of print again. If you love it, you might want to grab it (Barnes & Nobles is the cheapest I could find).

abeautifulcraft said...

Beautiful work, and it's great you learnt from those who took the classes. New stitches are wonderful and Sharon B has a wonderful collection of stitches for CQing .... you know of her stitch site??
hugs 'me'

Jo in NZ said...

I never did post a comment on this heart. It is quite stunning. I love the gold colouring. Great job. Maybe it'll be you and me doing Sharons class next time?