Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Red Buttonfly

This is such a cute pattern and it isn't as difficult as it might look....but after doing over fourteen of them I can still mess one up. I've been tatting butterflies for a motif swap...I love them but I'm very very tired of butterflies. Here is a link to the pattern if anyone is interested. It really is easy.....but it's easy to mess up too...lol.

We are have the strangest weather here in the valley. It was very cold one week.... it was hot and rained all the next and this past week it's been very nice during the day and cold at night. The yard was a mess I couldn't mow for two weeks...I did manage to get it done on Saturday...it looks so nice now.

Sunday I worked in the garden...planted 36 tomato plants...Lemon boy and Roma's. I make salsa and can (preserve) it so I need lots of tomatoes. Last year I entered my red salsa in the county fair and it won Best of Show. I also entered my yellow tomato salsa, canned red tomatoes and canned yellow tomatoes. Everything placed first but the yellow tomatoes...not sure why but they were canned in pint jars instead of quarts. I plan to try again this year...I just hope I have a good crop of tomatoes to work with.


Calidore said...

Susan, I think I need to sit next to you when you do your tatting. I tried, but I'm hopeless. More practice, much more would help no doubt...lol. Would you share your salsa recipe please. I still have a few tomatoes (despite the frosts) and nearly have all the sauce I need. Hugs


Ribbonwiz said...

Beautiful tatting Susan...
Have you tried slow oven roasted tomatoes...yummy

Bhavani said...

Lovely work. Thanks for the link Susan.
wishing you good health and cheer

Bear said...

oh Susan
this is the lovliest of your tatting I have seen so far- and its so effective as well- good on ya - I wish I had the patioence to do it and to do it as well as you do would please me no end!!
And I love the colours your Kool aid experiment came up witrh - sold on the idea???
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxo