Saturday, September 16, 2006

Purple Rose Heart

Purple Rose Heart
Originally uploaded by Iris Susan.

I love doing these spider web rose motifs!!! Others must like them to I have several comments on my flickr site about them.

This one the silk ribbon is just one color but I like to use two ribbons together in my needle while doing them. I'll use a 7mm ribbon along with a 4mm ribbon of a different color so the rose has a two tone look to it. Belinda from shared this tip and I have been using it on most of my roses.

The roses at the top of the bottom seam treatment are Fargo that I can make them right I use them often too.


Ribbonwiz said...

Beautiful heart Susan !.
Thank you for the comment on my blog on a messy stitching least we are able to create beautiful hearts like this out of all the mess we make..

Debbie R. said...

Oh, how pretty! I've added your link to my blog. :-)

Teresa B said...

What beautiful hearts! I've never done one but I think I will give it a go. Thanks for the inspiration!

abeautifulcraft said...

Your hearts are always so beautiful Susan ..... hugs!