Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hearts and more Hearts

I spent last week and the weekend working on improving my skills using silk ribbon and these are the hearts I worked on. Three ladies have their choice...Maureen B has first choice then Rosemary and Toni. I'm afraid Maureen is having trouble making up her mind which one she wants.

Yes, it is a piece of my tatting on Millie.

Sadie and Millie

Water Lilies and Cardinal


Dawn said...

lovely jewel toned hearts...each uniquely beautiful.

Jo in NZ said...

Your hearts are getting soooo good. I love Millie, she's just gorgeous, and your tatting, well,I just may stop speaking to you cos you can do it really well and I haven't a clue.humph

Iris said...

Oh Jo please don't stop speaking to me. My tatting isn't that good...I have more than several messed up pieces in the trash. Now and then I get lucky and end up with a good one.