Sunday, March 19, 2006

Still here

Sorry it's been so long but there hasn't been anything to blog. None of my projects are far enough along to share and I have had other things to keep me busy this week. Soooo....I thought I would share some photos....but blogger will not let me. Blogger has had several problems this week...for two days my blog was lost on a server that was down.

The best that I can do is send you to my flicker site to look at the pictures of my daffodils. We have had frosts the last two mornings and I'm worried about the ones that haven't bloomed yet. My tulips are showing themselves but hopefully they won't show buds for a couple more weeks. My crab apples trees were showing green...I haven't been brave enough to look at them since the frost.

There is also some photos of my Chain of Hearts vines...also known as Ceropegia woodii. The original plant was my mother's. When she passed away I rooted four or five plants from the original so that my siblings could each have one. The vine grows very fast and I have rooted several new plants and given several away. Now I have five plants and two of them need shortened. They are easy to start...they have nodules on the vine and I lay the section I want to root on soil in another pot, anchor it with florist wire until it roots itself then cut it from the original plant.

I'm off to have another cup of coffee it's cinnamon hazelnut this morning...would anyone care to join me?


Gina E. said...

YUM!!! Where do you get coffee flavoured like that??

Iris said...

Gina I get Millstone brand...they have lots of other flavors too :)