Saturday, March 25, 2006

Small Tatting Motifs

small tatting motifs
Originally uploaded by Iris Susan.
I think my tatting is improving at least a little. The purple piece (doesn't it look like a dog?) of tatting is about an inch long... that should give you an idea about size. The red one has a few mistakes...forgot to join picots...I always do that.


Jo in NZ said...

These are looking so good!!
Why not put a piece of tatting on the floral print in heart below

Iris said...

I tried but it didn't look right Jo. Maybe I don't have the right color thread. I made the purple pansy/dog for it but it disappeared on the print.

Ribbonwiz said...

Looks great Iris.
I think you have this all worked out now!

MargaretR said...

Iris, your tatting is so good. I think I might as well forget the shuttle and use a needle.