Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sad Tatting Attempts

I have had some very nice compliments on my tatting and thank you all.......but I thought I would share some of my sad tatting attempts with you. I plan to persevere in spite of my "sta" (sad tatting attempts) and I'm determined to improve.

The sta on the left should have been a medallion I think.... but I couldn't figure out when to join the picots.

The sta on the right...well I didn't make it loose enough ....anyway it doesn't look the way it should.

I had a very good start on this sta when I realized I wasn't making some picot joins where I should....then I realized that not all of the large rings were facing the same direction as they should have been. But I didn't give up and a second attempt is on the needle at this moment.

These two are actually pretty good. I have had several sta at this heart...I like it but it needs to be done on a shuttle I doesn't look like it should. The Butterfly I actually like but this is the result of the second or third attempt.


Ribbonwiz said...

Iris, you know the saying "try and try again until you succeed"
I love the blue ones they are so pretty.
I think you doing really well..

abeautifulcraft said...

The heart and the butterfly are gorgeous. Don't you go tossing them! lol you are doing well .....with tatting! I'll write soon, had a tummy bug and then a trip away for a few days. HUgs miss chatting

Jo in NZ said...

You are human...but you STA's are still better than my good stuff, I've kinda found a way around it for now. I working it onto the fabric like a bullion stitch. The picots don't work so well, but I can get a nice border thingy.